The house at 4 via Corrado was built between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries next to the stable that was designated to the commune of Dazio for the admittance of goods into the city of Mantova. It was a modest two-story home, overlooking the Rio canal, with part of the foundation consisting of wooden stilts.Originally the house was noted in the Mantova census with the number 778 and subsequently in the ancient map of the parish of San Giacomo with the number 164, valued at 117 scudi (ancient currency).
The first owner, from the records, was Mrs. Francesca Villani.
In 1828 Mrs. Francesca Villani sold the property to Mr. Giovanni Sartori.
In 1879 the heirs to Giovanni Sartori, who had passed away in 1831, sold the house to John Schirolli, a wood trader, for the sum of 1600 lire.
In 1895 John Schirolli passes away at the age of 66 and the property is inherited by one of his sons, Luigi Schirolli, who had recently been appointed as the director of the Banca Agricola Mantovana.
In 1909 Luigi Schirolli planned on redeveloping and expanding the building at 4/6 via Corrado. The condition of the house was deteriorating with age and he also wanted to completely redo the part of the house overlooking the Rio canal and replace the wooden stilt foundation with a stone column foundation.
For this reconstruction the young Aldo Andreanni was enlisted, at the time a twenty-two year old architecture student. Andreanni came from a family of builders and he was the son of Carlo Andreanni, chief engineer for the Historic Monument Protection agency for the city of Mantova.
Between 1909 and 1910 Aldo Andreanni completes the plans for the reconstruction project of the house at 4/6 via Corrado.
In 1911 the renovation of Casa Schirolli is completed.
In 1920 Luigi Schirolli sells the property to his brother, Claudio Schirolli, for the sum of 8000 lire.
In 1932 Claudio Schirolli, who meanwhile went to live in a villa near to his brother Luigi Belfiore, accepts an offer of 40,000 lire for the property from Mrs. Carmine Righi, a bank teller.
In 1979 Carmine Righi’s sisters, Mary and Clementina, give the house up to the couple Giovanna and Rino Bulbarelli.
In 1981 renovations begin on the house under the direction of Alceo Poltroneria.
In 2014 the project is conceived to open Casa Schirolli as a luxury accommodation.
Davide Salvagno oversees further redevelopment of the property.
In September 2016 Casa Schirolli is opened to the public.