Biennial Salon

The main lounge of Casa Schirolli is a 75 square meter open space on the ground floor. It houses works by contemporary artists alongside historical Venetian art. At the foot of the staircase is a drum by the Chinese artist Chen Zhen. One of the three paintings that the artist Marco Tirelli presented at the 1982 Venice Biennial is on display. On the same wall, on the Rio canal side, there is a wall sculpture by Mimmo Paladino that was selected by the Neapolitan gallerist Lucio Amelio. The Turin artist Sergio Ragalzi is represented by one of his famous “Shadow” pieces from 1986. There are four works by Piero Pizzi Canella: “San Carlo”, “Nero Ferro Battuto” (Black Wrought Iron), “Indiana” in addition to one of the first “Turkish Bath” pieces ever made by the artist (1990-94).
The entire photo series “Country Trance” by Greta Frau, is displayed along with two small portraits, done in oil paint, by the German artist.