In 1887 he is born in Mantova to Carlo Andreanni, an engineer, and Felicity Risi. His brother Henry is born two years later, who will later become a painter.
In 1908 he studies architecture at the Techinical Institute of Milan.
In 1909 in Volta Mantovana he begins work on his first project: the industrial dairy villa of Giacomo Zanoletti.
From 1910-1911 he expands and constructs the new Rio Canal facade on the house of the banker Luigi Schirolli.
In 1912 he builds a villa in Pietole (MN) for his maternal uncle, Dr. Risi, who establishes his own medical practice in a wing of this house.
From 1912-1913 Dr. Ferrucio Nuvolari entrusts him with the project and construction of the family mansion on via Chiassi in Mantova.
In 1913 he constructs the base of the statue of Margherita Malatesta in the Basilica of St. Andrew and the interior system of the Strozzi Chapel.
In 1913 at the gates of Mantova, in the Frassine Cemetary, he builds the tomb for the Marquis Sordi family.
Between 1913-1914 he designs and constructs (with the help of Father Carlo) the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova including the Merchant’s Lodge.
From 1914-1915 with the help of Father Carlo (who passes away in 1915 in a work accident) he plans a complex restoration plan for the Mantova Municipal buildings and for the Scalcheria Hall in the Ducal Palace of Mantova. The projects do not come to life.
In 1915 with a personal participation, he restores the parish church of Felonica Po.